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Your Cottonwood

Make Cottonwood "Your Golf Club" Membership, a new membership program offering you the ability to become a member through a one-time initiation fee. This "membership" includes all your cart fees in your dues. When your membership anniversary date comes around, you do not pay another "annual or initiation fee." You just continue tour monthly dues, which include your monthly cart fees. Also, introducing "Foursome of Friends" membership.

Learn More about membership at Cottonwood Golf Club

*Initiation (one time) $900
Single Monthly Dues (includes cart) $160
Senior Monthly Dues (includes cart) $140
Family $225
Resident (Rolling Hills HOA only)  
*Initiation (one time) $600
Monthly Dues (includes cart) $150
Family $200
Foursome of Friends*
(4 people - bring entire group over)
*Initiation (one time) $3,200
Single Monthly Dues (includes cart) $600

We will work with your golf group(s) to customize direct billing and get all of your buddies to Cottonwood.

Corporate (4 People)  
*Initiation $3,200
Monthly Dues (includes cart) $600
Family $200
Walkers (If you prefer to opt out of cart included)  
Monthly Dues $75
Senior Dues $50
Family $100

*No initiation fee until further annoucements

For more information including payment options, please contact Talbert Griffin, GM, at Call Tablert Griffin for membership information at:(334) 281-3344 or email

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